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Genre=Drama, Crime
Kevin Willmott
Cast=Adam Driver
135 Minutes






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This movie could be classed a comedy. Albeit a largely unfunny one. It could also be accused of being a drama. Albeit a largely bad one. Not quite sure what other people were watching, but this is just more in a long line of Leftwing, PC dross in my opinion.
(Whatever this film was meant to be.
Rest assured, every white person is a fool, every black person is assertive and smart.
Usual crapp.
There’s also that ‘two people in frame rolling forwards’ Spike Lee puts in every movie. Pretentious and repetitive. Not in the least bit creative and nothing new to see.
(Typical Lee joint. ‘Stealing a living’ comes to mind.
There’s nothing redeeming about this movie for me, which makes me wonder if other people vote it up, because it’s somehow politically expedient to do so. Why else?
In reality, it’s just another overrated Spike Lee film, based in afrocentric fantasyland.
And here’s the Highlight of THIS REEFA. SPOILER. br>. . You’ll be put through a long and tedious folkstory of an innocent black man being murdered by nasty white racists. Bring tissue y’all. It’s a story etched in black folks minds and they pass it around like a doobie at every funeral. Legit. They bake and pay an old fart to go around reminding them of how bad a lynching was. It’s some serious heart wrenching shhheeeiiiit. Legit!
I guess I should feel ‘white privilege. Rolls eyes.
Spike Lee forgets to film the stories of present day, however. Where white people are victims of black crime… daily. Their fates barbaric, brutal and sadistic, but don’t forget the black dude who got hanged decades ago y’all. Feel dat shame. br>…. I don’t know why I bother with movies anymore. It’s all politically tainted nonsense. I marked this film 2 stars, because at least the lead actor did a sterling job of impersonating Denzel Washington’s voice throughout. Similarities were uncanny.
That’s worth something, no?
Largely because Spike Lee had nothing to do with it.

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